The Control Room

Acoustically designed from the ground up

Our large 28m2 control room has been designed from the ground up with both acoustics and function in mind. The bespoke acoustical design paired with state of the art monitoring means you can hear every detail every time. Our beautiful control room houses an extensive selection of modern and vintage equipment and the decor has the perfect creative vibe.

The room is air-conditioned and has excellent line of site to our live space via a large window. The room is well isolated from the rest of the complex and features a wood floor, comfortable leather sofa and plenty of space.

The Live Room

A Great Sounding Space

The Parlour Recording Studio features a 32m2 live room which can accommodate most bands. The acoustics in this room are fantastic and this makes a huge difference to the quality of the recorded sound. In the lively end of the room drums sound huge and vibrant and the dead end provides a more intimate sound. We also have some movable gobos to tailor the acoustics for the required sound. The room is fully isolated from the control room, isolation booth and the outside world.

The studio also features a small isolation booth which can also be used as an amp room

Our Equipment


Audient ASP8024 32 channel analogue console


ProTools Ultimate


Flush Mounted Quested Main Monitors

Genelec 8351B SAM Monitors

Outboard Gear::

TubeTech CL1B

Empirical Labs Fatso....

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Glendon Lodge Farm



NN14 1QF

Tel. 01536 517377



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Artist lounge

Time to Relax

To ensure maximum comfort while recording at The Parlour recording studio, all our clients have access to our lounge area. The lounge area includes;

Basic Overnight Accommodation

Comfortable Leather Sofas

32" LCD TV

Small Fitted Kitchen

Breakfast Bar

Toilet with Shower

Wireless Broadband


We can record your music to the highest standard in our friendly and creative environment


We can mix your project using our racks of analogue compressors, EQs and effects along with a vast array of plugins


We offer a professional mastering service to add the final touches to your mix