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Monthly Archives: August 2017

August 2017

Its been a busy few months at The Parlour. The Haunted’s latest album “Strength in Numbers” is out this week, check out the link below;

“One of the best metal albums this year…” – (USA)
“…one of the band’s finest records to date.” 8/10 Points Review – Metal Hammer (UK)
5/7 Points Review & Soundcheck # 2 – Metal Hammer (Germany)
8/10 Points Review & Soundcheck # 2 – Close-Up (Sweden)
6/6 Points Review & Soundcheck # 6 – Spark (Czech Republic)
8/10 Points Review – Deaf Forever (Germany)
8.5/10 Points Review – (Germany)
9,5/10 Points Review – Slam (Germany)
6/7 Points Review – (Sweden)

Russ did an amazing job with this one. Also drums are down for the new Napalm Death album and Evil Scarecrow are back in The Parlour very soon.

Formicarius have finally released their debut album “Black Mass Ritual” which was recorded with Neil at The Parlour a while back now. They have recieved some great reviews, check out the latest video;

Padding needed have also released the first single from their latest EP. Checkout the video for Pillow Fight below, it’s worth going to a gig to get involved with a proper pillow fight.

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