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Monthly Archives: March 2014

March 2014 Update

It’s been a while since our last update, almost 6 months actually. In that time we have been keeping ourselves pretty busy. The last couple of months have seen a great bunch of releases all recorded and mixed by Russ Russell here at The Parlour –

East coast thrashers Shrapnel release their amazing album “The Virus Conspires”

London Hardcore/Death Metal nutters Dripback release their brutal album “Failed Futures”

Noisy south coast duo Oaf release their album “Birth, School, Oaf, Death”

Sassy Kraimspri from Norway just released their new EP “Cockfight”

Italian band Bizar Bazar have just released this video for their cover of Megadeth’s Sweating Bullets

And tech/death/thrash outfit Reprisal from south London have just put out their debut EP “Ichneumanity”

Meanwhile Russ is busy as hell working on new albums with Napalm Death, Venomous Concept, Brujeria, Evil Scarecrow, Sidious, and a some very exciting secret projects that we can’t yet reveal 😉

The Simpletone’s second studio album is finally done, Neil has been working on it since January 2013 and they have already released a couple of videos. You can hear one of the album tracks, “Land Of The Lost Souls” on our facebook page at Also out this month is “Bounce” from York based band, A Joker’s Rage. They have made an awesome video and have had plenty of interest since releasing it, you can check out the video at

We had the pleasure of working with the winners of our battle of the bands competition, AKUSO at the end of last year, the guys recorded and mixed their single, “The River” with us over a couple of days, you can hear the track on our website and our facebook page. Neil also spent a wonderful three days working with French green machine, Toshes. We recorded and mixed their crazy single, “Smoker Man” over 3 days, look out for that one.

Other bands to visit Neil at The Parlour in the last few months include Ten Percenter (single), Aminous (EP), Supercalas (single) , Architypes (EP), Rocky Road (EP), Foreign Quarter (single), Devil Inside (EP) and Stonepit Drive (single).

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